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This post is inspired in part by an article in the newspaper about a British woman who has been sentenced to death in Bali for trafficking cocaine. What led her to that outcome for her life? Of course she could just be an extremely stupid person. It could not have been a decision she made in rational contemplation. It had to be made when no other path seemed available to her. Desperateness? Desperate actions only happen when no other option seems available. I have just finished writing a Business Plan.  Truly a boring document.  However a Business Plan forced me to acknowledge every area of my business.  I had to think about potential problems, and identify solutions. With time frames! It confirmed to me that having a Life Plan is something we should be encouraged to have, from our teenage years, to help us move forward in a direction we want. A planned life gives you options to consider. I don't find that problems are as big, and time is rarely wasted, when I have a plan. When I deviate from my plan unconsciously, disorder erupts.  Nothing gets done.  Half finished projects drag me down. Frustration occurs. A life with a plan does not, as some believe, mean that one lives a structured, uptight and regimented life. In fact a planned life gives you  more options. I can assure you that as much as you plan a life, chaos can still eventuate! The plan, at its least, gives you sane options that you can focus on while dealing with the chaos.  The chaos will not stop your movement forward. I would not be moving out of my home next week, to a rental property, and be leasing my home for more, if I hadn't made a Life Plan.  This part of my Life Plan is to help raise money for my move to Paris to teach English in 2014. I love my home but I am willing to sacrifice that for my future.  It is something I have had time to think about - because of my Life Plan. I am ready for it. A well thought out Life Plan need not be made now for your entire life. It can be, and should be, an ongoing, shifting concept.  It is different from your life only in that it allows you to have real clarity in what you want your life to look like.  

About Sandra E Brown

I withdrew from my Masters (Neuropsychology) to write a blog instead, and to teach English as a second language. Life is too short to be doing something you want to retire from at 65! I now live in Paris, France.
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