My Retreat and Delete Week

Today is the first day of my French-inspired Health and Delete Retreat.  I had to tell more people than I wanted to that I was taking seven days off life. While I shouldn’t complain that people actually care what I’m doing with my life, I thought by not getting married and not having children I would avoid having grown adults look at me with big eyes exclaiming, “What do you mean I won’t see you for a week! What about me?” I planned this week to be alone as much as possible, at home, without phone/text/email/mail/mail deliveries/appointments etc. Doing nothing except immersing myself in the French language, writing my blog, reading about France and organising my move there by April 2014. While the ‘Health’ component of the retreat is obvious – drinking lots of water, no wine (not very French I know), eating fresh foods and reducing junk food, stretching and other exercise, the ‘Delete’ part of my retreat may need explaining. I’ll be looking at what I can delete from my life.  Deleting anything that is not helping me move forward in my goals.  My goals of living in France, working as an ESL teacher/a translator/and a writer, and being philanthropic in my daily life. One obvious deletion for me is ‘spending money I don’t have’.  I need savings in order to move to France. Simple but true is this: Make more or spend less. The latter is considerably easier for me at this point for many reasons.  A new blog writer doesn’t earn any money.  My ESL work does but takes away from writing. Luckily I’m a Libran so a comfortable balancing act suits me fine. Oh I’m not saying this will be easy though! Another deletion is the activities I have in my life that don’t add to my goals.  These are procrastination, shopping 5 x a week rather than once (curse this city life!), surfing the net without purpose (a special form of procrastination I believe), and not being purposeful at something the minute I get up.  Regarding the latter - I’m not saying I want to jump into a sweaty 30 minute arm-waving around seated aerobic session but a walk outside to clear my morning head, get some fresh air and come back to my house is something I think will change the way I work each day. Well I am half-way through day one as I finish this and it’s certainly going to be an interesting experiment…

About Sandra E Brown

I withdrew from my Masters (Neuropsychology) to write a blog instead, and to teach English as a second language. Life is too short to be doing something you want to retire from at 65! I now live in Paris, France.
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  1. Fantastic idea “Retreat and Delete” week. I had a 4 day R&D week around this time and noticed how much more creative and productive thinking was.
    Now I need to explore the discipline and habit needed to continue it in the everyday?

    • Sandra says:

      Mel – it is lovely to see your words on my blog! My next post is inspired by your question. May we have many ‘exact light bulb moments’.

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