Breaking open the snow globe

I’ve taken a great deal from being away from email, phone and text and focusing on French/France and writing – my goals.  The days have been longer and much more productive and … I've had too much time to think.  Thinking, it appears, should not be overindulged. Someone once said that 80% of our problems are imagined, not real, and I agree wholeheartedly. However, left without distractions, I was able to see that my life had far too many distractions.  I was checking email too often, and sending them (and filling up someone’s life with junk) when a phone call would suffice. The week before my Retreat and Delete Week the microphone thingy on my phone died. I could no longer hear text or phone messages. Nor make phone calls.  Something about water damage … Anyway the ability to send and receive messages was still available and that was enough considering I was about to retreat. Notifications Previously, like a small child, I had been distracted by the tinkling sound telling me a text or call had arrived.  It seemed a bit pointless to mute the phone since it was designed for communication.  Growing up with a land-line in the 80’s meant the phone was a wonderful communication device, not an electronic growth permanently attached to one’s body. Email too was meant to be useful for communication, quick and productive, not something self-help blog posts were written about. While the productiveness that has come out of lack of distractions has been the dominant outcome of this week, the overall resolution is to simplify my life.  Simplify the food I eat, keep business paperwork off my desk and work on one job at a time.  Keep my tasks aligned with my goals.  Nothing wrong with texts, phone calls and emails.  Not at all.  As long as I remember that I control them, not the other way around! The other day someone asked me if I felt that a week had been enough time ‘off life’.  I said yes, absolutely.  I want to live my life.  The retreat and delete week was intended just to turn it upside down, break it open, shake it all onto the ground, and then put it back together the way I wanted. That's all. Nothing too dramatic. Snowglobe life                  

About Sandra E Brown

I withdrew from my Masters (Neuropsychology) to write a blog instead, and to teach English as a second language. Life is too short to be doing something you want to retire from at 65! I now live in Paris, France.
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