Quadriplegia and I

To what degree limbs are affected depends on the level and severity of spinal nerve damage. The higher the damage and more nerves damaged, the greater the loss of function. It is that simple. Or is it? If so wouldn't there be a 'cure' now? Not everyone with a spinal cord injury supports finding a 'cure'. I think that the millions of dollars spent on a 'cure' would be better spent on buying modern equipment for those people who cannot afford good mobility equipment. A 'cure' also implies something needs fixing. I'm perfectly happy (generally) wandering through life with quadriplegia. Goodness I've been asked some weird questions over the years! How I do anything you do though, with my paralysis, is my business. In fact, now if someone asks me an intimate question, I ask them a more personal one. If they want to know, then they have to share.  So I will post useful information about my disability that adds to my posts, but I won't tolerate questions you wouldn't tolerate. My disability of Quadriplegia means I need assistance morning and evenings. I employ people to work long-term whom I train to assist me in what tasks I need assistance with. Currently I have two assistants in Paris who work part-time.

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