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Let Them Eat … (Melbourne) Food!

Inevitably, a blog post was destined to be solely about food.  Whilst one might have thought it would be about food in Paris, there you have to dig to find good food from other cultures.  Melbourne beats Paris easily for multicultural delights found in abundance.  In my opinion.  Which isn't at all humble I might add. My two weeks in Melbourne this time was spent living at the top end of Bourke Street, with one side predominately part of Chinatown. On my side of the street however there has also developed a mix of Korean and Japanese eating places. [caption id="attachment_1410" align="alignleft" width="300"]image Disconcerting wih eyes looking at me? A little.[/caption] (more…)
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Calm (and chaos) in Chambéry

On Saturday I took a train to Chambéry, three hours out of Paris, up in the south east mountainous part of France. That's three hours up, four hours in Chambéry and three hours back. Mad? Possibly. However the views are beautiful, it was a sunny Saturday and it all went delightfully smoothly ... mostly.

I'm much more a mountain gal than a seaside person. I think villages tucked into mountainsides give the imagination unlimited stories. My mind was enthralled by the images I saw from the train. Watching the fog drift over the tiny houses and across paddocks - then suddenly there's a massive cliff face looming over the villages! To wander through those little places - that's my goal come summer. (more…)
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Dashing to Dijon for Déjeuner!

So one morning I got up at the crack of dawn to catch a train from Paris to Dijon. I was going to meet a friend who lives there and have lunch. Yawning a little while munching on breaky, I thought I'd double check the train station I was leaving from was the one I thought it was. Lyon, Saint Lazare, Nord, Est - to my horror I saw I was leaving from Gare de Lyon, not Gare de Nord!

The difference being the latter I could walk to in 30 minutes at the most. The former was more than an hour away (which shows you how big Paris is). That wasn't the problem though... (more…)
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The Doorman, the Server and the Fish

I only saw the Doorman once. At the beginning. Luckily because his unsmiling face and less than welcoming direction to the Concierge desk made me think I'd walked into one of those Parisian cafes tourists write negative reviews about. Speaking of which, one of the most ridiculous things I've read is a review on Yelp giving a restaurant a higher than deserved rating simply because the waiter spoke English to them. This is France people. Speaking English is not a relevant part of a restaurant review. Ever. In any country whose first language is not English. (more…)
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