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You’re going to London for what?

Well not to visit the Queen. "To eat a fish pie," I grinned at the UK border security person. "So you're going to London from Paris for one day to eat a fish pie?" she confirmed, clearly amused and thinking that it was her lucky day not to get the same old answer. "And you live in Paris?" she continued, looking over her glasses at me. "Why?"

Because it's an adventure I thought as I sat on the train a while later. That's really my only answer. Likewise, I decided to get the Eurostar to London, 2 1/4 hours away, just to eat a fish pie.  It would be an adventure. You sometimes have to create adventures. If you don't, much like life, nothing will happen.  True, it's not that France doesn't hold adventures for me. Of course it does. I have about 70 blog posts to prove it. But I'd got it into my head that I wanted a fish pie and like baguettes are French, fish pie is British. An adventure had to be created!

Easy peasy. Let's go!

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Independent, or not?

This is a rewrite of a post from August and something I wanted to expand on. I want to ensure that my life in Paris does not come across as just a daily gambol through the City of Love where everything is sunshine and eclairs. My blog is not meant to be anything but an honest account of living with my disability in Paris.  My disability needs didn't disappear when I left Australia and neither did some of the associated problems or my feelings about them.

Wherever you go, there you are.

I don't completely agree with that saying. However there are obvious realities to my disability that exist wherever I am living in the world. For example, I don't magically morph from snuggled into my bed at night to the snappily dressed, hair flicking goddess I am (in my head at least) each morning gliding swan-like around Paris in my motorised wheelchair. There is a process involved in between, a routine that requires assistance from people I hire. So what does having this help and these employees mean to me?


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Trains, taxis, planes, buses, wheelchair … roller skates?

The day had finally come. After more than a year away, I was going back to Australia. Just for two weeks. That was the plan. The first thing I had to do though was get there. Being over 23 hours away, that was no mean feat. Adding me and my disability into the equation, well, we know what that means! The day was drizzling light rain as my employee and I went to get the Eurostar at Gare de Nord about 40 minutes walk from my Paris apartment. We were a million hours early. About ten years ago I missed a flight from LA to Australia at 11:00 pm and I vowed never to be in that horrid situation again. [caption id="attachment_1380" align="alignright" width="300"]image Gare de Nord early in the morning[/caption] (more…)
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A Day in the Life

Woke up, fell out of bed*... This blog post is simply about Saturday the 13th of February.  I've written it to show how important the small things are to me and why I'm so happy here in Paris.

I went downstairs to discover it was raining. Again. It's been raining for a century week. As the rain wasn't going to stop (ever again in the history of the world) I decided to head off regardless to the supermarket Monoprix on Avenue de l'Opera (that's the really big street that has the Palais Garnier opera building at the end of it). (more…)
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