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Bordeaux, buses and trams.

Oh no. The temperature is dropping! Will this mean the end of my adventurous spirit! With that depressing thought in mind, I recently jumped on a train to venture off to Bordeaux where it was going to be a sunny 28°. Mind you, it was going to be warm in Paris - but anyway.

The train was leaving from Montparnasse early in the morning. As that was about 20 minutes drive away by car I decided to try the Paris bus for the first time. Here, the bus drives up, the ramp is activated by the driver and it slides out automatically. It was so easy, relaxed and kept me independent. To get off, I just push the button next to the wheelchair space to alert the driver to trigger the ramp. Or, if that doesn't alert him I just yell out 'La rampe s'il vous plaît!!!'

Et voilà!

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The Fantasticness of the Food in France

I love food and I love writing. While I wouldn't be a food blogger if you paid me, I love writing about food-related adventures. [caption id="attachment_1350" align="alignleft" width="150"]Monoprix. One of many. Monoprix. One of many.[/caption] Like festivals in Melbourne, walk around a corner in Paris and you'll find a supermarket. And, since some law in France finally came into the 21st century, some of them (I know this will shock some readers) are even open on Sundays! One of the things my friends and I agree on about travelling (I will never think camping is fun though) is the joy of going to supermarkets in other countries. We also like visiting pharmacies too for the different things we discover. I'm not sure however you'd enjoy reading about the brand of sanitary products I found in Paris called Nana (although it never fails to amuse me)... (more…)
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Let Them Eat … (Melbourne) Food!

Inevitably, a blog post was destined to be solely about food.  Whilst one might have thought it would be about food in Paris, there you have to dig to find good food from other cultures.  Melbourne beats Paris easily for multicultural delights found in abundance.  In my opinion.  Which isn't at all humble I might add. My two weeks in Melbourne this time was spent living at the top end of Bourke Street, with one side predominately part of Chinatown. On my side of the street however there has also developed a mix of Korean and Japanese eating places. [caption id="attachment_1410" align="alignleft" width="300"]image Disconcerting wih eyes looking at me? A little.[/caption] (more…)
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The Challenge of Comfort

I think it's important to set challenges for yourself in life. Some would suggest my disability is challenge enough for me, but remember, I didn't choose that one.  So, off I trotted to live in Paris. There's lots of challenges there I thought! Language, culture, food ... and as someone said to me recently, it's hard work even moving to a country that speaks the same language.

However, like everything in life that you do or whatever situation you are in, eventually you start to normalise even the most challenging of challenges. It's a coping mechanism. It's not possible to live in a heightened state of tension all the time. (more…)
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