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A Day in the Life

Woke up, fell out of bed*... This blog post is simply about Saturday the 13th of February.  I've written it to show how important the small things are to me and why I'm so happy here in Paris.

I went downstairs to discover it was raining. Again. It's been raining for a century week. As the rain wasn't going to stop (ever again in the history of the world) I decided to head off regardless to the supermarket Monoprix on Avenue de l'Opera (that's the really big street that has the Palais Garnier opera building at the end of it). (more…)
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Calm (and chaos) in Chambéry

On Saturday I took a train to Chambéry, three hours out of Paris, up in the south east mountainous part of France. That's three hours up, four hours in Chambéry and three hours back. Mad? Possibly. However the views are beautiful, it was a sunny Saturday and it all went delightfully smoothly ... mostly.

I'm much more a mountain gal than a seaside person. I think villages tucked into mountainsides give the imagination unlimited stories. My mind was enthralled by the images I saw from the train. Watching the fog drift over the tiny houses and across paddocks - then suddenly there's a massive cliff face looming over the villages! To wander through those little places - that's my goal come summer. (more…)
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Winter? Says Who?

It's zero degrees today in Paris. Zero. Nought. Nothing. Stick your hand in your freezer and it's colder than that degrees.  What has the world come to that I've chosen to do this to myself?

As it's been so long since I've been in Australia, I've become as brainwashed as all those Europeans. They all think, thanks to Tourism Australia's award winning ads, that every day in Australia is full of brilliant sunshine, clear blue skies and golden tanned people with bright smiles flicking back sun bleached locks over beer and chips. So I now lay in bed at night, thankfully as snug as a bug in a rug, dreaming about the sun beating down on my body, warming my actual bones - of a country where every day is bliss.

Speaking of being deluded, I've always said people who went skiing were a bit mental. 'Why would a human voluntarily choose to go and get cold?', I'd say in disbelief when someone excitedly told me they were off to hit the slopes, allegedly to have fun. (more…)
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I Didn’t Die Getting on a Plane in Mexico

Once upon a time, back when I was younger and less educated about the harsh realities of life, I had a research academic type job. One of its perks was the opportunity to travel.  In 2010 I had the bright idea to present my research findings at a conference in Acapulco, Mexico.

[caption id="attachment_1167" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Calm blue ocean Calm blue ocean[/caption] The problem is though, that to get to Acapulco, I had to get on a few planes.  Boarding a plane as a wheelchair user is an absolute pain in the ass.  It is undignified, degrading, embarrassing, annoying, and frustrating. However, back then I had only been on a plane once before and it was so long ago I'd blissfully put it into that part of my brain where bad things live in a padlocked box and are never invited out to play. Which is unfortunate as I think they are called 'Experiences we should learn from so we never, ever, ever again repeat them'. (more…)
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