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Can the real Paris please raise her hand?

People often ask me - 'What's Paris really like?' I start to tell them and sometimes I see their eyes widen in surprise and their mouths drop open in shock. Oops I think. I'm telling that person about the wrong Paris. Or am I? Is there a 'real' Paris?

Did you know that one international embassy in Paris has an emergency hotline for their citizens? This vital phone number is for those who have come to Paris and been so shocked at what they've seen, and wracked with disappointment, that they need immediate counseling and emergency evacuation back home. (more…)
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The Fantasticness of the Food in France

I love food and I love writing. While I wouldn't be a food blogger if you paid me, I love writing about food-related adventures. [caption id="attachment_1350" align="alignleft" width="150"]Monoprix. One of many. Monoprix. One of many.[/caption] Like festivals in Melbourne, walk around a corner in Paris and you'll find a supermarket. And, since some law in France finally came into the 21st century, some of them (I know this will shock some readers) are even open on Sundays! One of the things my friends and I agree on about travelling (I will never think camping is fun though) is the joy of going to supermarkets in other countries. We also like visiting pharmacies too for the different things we discover. I'm not sure however you'd enjoy reading about the brand of sanitary products I found in Paris called Nana (although it never fails to amuse me)... (more…)
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The Only Problem Is …

imageSo, writing a blog eh? Doesn't seem like such a bad idea. You feel like you've got something to say, an interest you'd like to share, a renovation to bore entertain family with or the desire to post photos of everything you eat. The latter of which is really very odd and I don't know why I do it. But I like it.

Or, as in my case, you thought you'd try to educate people that just because you had quadriplegia you were not a sad bitter creature, or worse still 'incredibly brave' despite (hushed voices) 'being paralysed'. Which is a very pointless thing to do as people will think whatever they want in the end if it helps them feel better about their own life. (more…)
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Where I Find Love in Paris

[caption id="attachment_1097" align="alignleft" width="204"]image The Golden Ticket[/caption] This week I finally joined the library! That's taken me weeks to get around to doing and, in the end, of course only took five minutes. But the good thing is that it's done and now I have a computer to use (normally I just use my iPad) and the ability to borrow books and the like. The library I use is not far from my apartment and is absolutely charming - beautiful windows to look out from onto beautiful buildings. Just perfect for writing. Joining the library makes me feel I belong to the library, or vice versa. It's a one-sided love affair but that's love sometimes. (more…)
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