My memoir

I plan to publish the story of my time in Paris in a book. This will be a memoir comprised of my diary entries and other information that I have not published. The content on the blog is to introduce you to my style of writing and the person I am. However my life in Paris has been much richer in experience, emotion and life than has been written about here.  800 words per blog leaves little space for everything. Life has been damn hard at times and lonely.  The rewards have been the everyday experiences of meeting people and being part of their lives and feeling joy at the smallest experiences.

4 Responses to My memoir

  1. Jen says:

    Your book sounds a wonderful goal…wish I could read it now!
    I am a c6 quad and travelling from Australia to Paris which has been a life long dream/goal, however finding suitable accommodation is proving to be very difficult.
    All the best with your book and future goals and thanks for the inspiration!
    (last comment post had my incorrect email)

    • Sandra says:

      Thank you for your supportive comment. I really appreciate it:) However you are not ‘a quad’. You are a person. Quadriplegia is only your disability, not who you are! There are many hotels in Paris with roll-in showers – if you need advice please let me know.

  2. Jen says:

    Thanks Sandra, are you able to advise suitable 2 bedroom apartment specifically re: roll in shower Saint Germaine area?
    You have my email.

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Jen, I’ve emailed you some information on accessible hotels with roll-in a showers. However I do not know of an accessible two bedroom apartment with roll-in shower in Paris. Hotel rooms with interconnecting doors to an accessible room with roll-I’m shower are also not common in Paris. Like I said though, there are more hotels with roll-in showers than people realise. Unfortunately they vary in size etc and the language used across countries in terms of what ‘adapted’, ´roll-in’, ‘accessible’ etc vary as to the meaning.

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