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Oh Paris! Really?

Parisians and Paris never fail to give me something to write about. I find humour, quirkiness and curious disbelievement wonderment in practically every encounter, person and situation I come across. I walk past tiny shops and enter. I breathe in the history of those who were there before me and bought what I buy, decades before.

And then I open my mouth and shatter theĀ illusion.


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The Other Day …

The other day at a cafe I decided to askĀ the chap sitting beside me to have a conversation. In French of course. He probably thought I was annoying but I don't like talking to myself in public ... That would be more annoying I'm sure. Anyway he was eating alone. I found out that he was a building works manager and had a lot of paperwork that slowed down his projects. Very French. He didn't live in Paris but travelled in to manage projects. When he left he shook my hand and said something positive and smiley to me. I didn't quite understand. Oh well. (more…)
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