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Oh Paris! Really?

Parisians and Paris never fail to give me something to write about. I find humour, quirkiness and curious disbelievement wonderment in practically every encounter, person and situation I come across. I walk past tiny shops and enter. I breathe in the history of those who were there before me and bought what I buy, decades before.

And then I open my mouth and shatter the illusion.


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Hit by a car in Paris! Ooh la la!

One day in August 2012, during a five week holiday in Paris, I was wandering around Paris, lost again, I was hit by a car. By this stage of my holiday I was somewhat accustomed to the road rules in Paris. Basically it is this: 'Whoever Dares. Wins'.

There are traffic lights and the familiar little green men as in Melbourne.  In Paris though, when a car is turning right off a main street, the little green man on the side street flashes. He doesn't stay constantly green. The flashing green man (FGM) in Paris indicates that if there are not any pedestrians crossing the street with the FGM, then the car turning right can go right.

Of course this means that every vehicle turns right without looking, as long as they have the FGM! (more…)

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