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Ignorance is a disability – not bliss.

In an online newspaper some time ago, a person known as a ‘fitness writer, trainer and nutrition consultant’ (hereafter known as Mr D - as in, well, I'll leave it to your imagination) was quoted as saying this to inspire his clients:

'Think about people with disabilities who would give anything to have the use of your body for a day'

This advice was his way to motivate people to get off the couch and get fit. It was in fact ignorant and insulting. He completely ignored the obvious fact that if a person is overweight, unmotivated and unfit then they could be seen as disabled. Why not just tell his clients to honour the body they've been given and not treat it like crap? He made it blatantly clear he views disability in a very limited and old-fashioned way. In his view, fitness equals perfection and you can't be fit (or perfect) if you have a disability. (more…)
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